Big sale event !

Dear customers,


After 10 amazing months, we sadly took the decision to close our shop on Commercial street. We had a blast, it was a great experience and we hope to expand in the future, as we are passionate about making chocolates

We tried to offer our customers some great products, freshly handmade chocolates and bars, a bespoke service and workshops for kids and adults

Some people found our prices too expensive, some didn’t find our products funny enough, some preferred to shop for bigger brands

As an independant, we need to make a living from this chocolate shop, as well as offer a good price for the good quality.

This is the reason why we will continue to make chocolate, with all the passion and inspiration it deserves, in smaller batches and sell exclusively online and through some retailers we know are as passionate as we are.

Please keep an eye on our website, to discover all our new products soon.


From the Tuesday 24th of May to the 11th of June 2016 we are having a big sale event in the shop :

l choose 3 boxes of chocolates for the price of 2,

l 30% off on all the bars and bags.


We hope to see you soon,

Warmest regards,


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Easter at the Harrogate Chocolate Tree


Easter is the 28th of March.

Our beautiful range of eggs is now available in the shop, with different shapes, different colours, in bags or in boxes.

You can place an order as well, until the 19th of March, to make sure to get the egg of your choice (prices will be the same, no extra).


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more info.

We offer 3 Open workshops suitables for children aged between 5 to 12 during the Easter holidays:

– Wednesday 30th of March at 4:00pm

– Thursday 31th of March at 4:00pm

– Thursday 7th of April at 4:00pm

More info available on the Kids workshop page.

A big thank you to HAPPI Harrogate !

A few days ago, we invited the team of HAPPI Harrogate to come and taste our vegan range of chocolates.
As we work hard to provide the highest quality to our customers, we are able to offer you a large range of gluten free chocolates, and a little bit smaller range of vegan chocolates.

HAPPI is a great project which gives you the vegan addresses all around Harrogate. Such a useful website if you are vegan!

To read the post they published, it’s here. To check their Facebook page, it’s here.

A big thank you to Katie who wrote this post, to Lisa who took the pictures and to Amandine who arranged this appointment.

HAPPI Harrogate