Coming Soon ~ Brand New Webiste Harrogate Chocolate Tree
After more than10 amazing months we sadly took the decision to close our shop on Commercial street. We had a blast, it was a great experience and we hope to expand in the future, as we are passionate about making chocolates. We tried to offer our customers some great products, freshly handmade chocolates and bars, a bespoke service and workshops for kids and adults. Some people found our prices too expensive, some didn't find our products funny enough, some preferred to shop for bigger brands. As an independent, we need to make a living from this chocolate shop, as well as offer a good price for the good quality. This is the reason why we will continue to make chocolate, with all the passion and inspiration it deserves, in a smaller batches and sell exclusively online and through some retailers we know are as passionate as we are. Please keep an eye on our website, to discover all our new products soon. With love, Mark & Julie.